Marina Reshetnikova is a Toronto based visual artist originating from the Republic of Kazakhstan. Marina's artistic practice includes stone, bronze and metal sculpture as well as installation, large-format drawing, painting and collage. She received her MFA from Almaty State Theatre and Fine Arts University in Kazakhstan and has exhibited her works in Europe and Canada. Marina's works are held in public and private collections in Russia, Canada, Germany, France, USA, Italy, Australia and many other countries. Marina’s works are included in the University of Montreal virtual museum - Musee d'art centre-asiatique, Montreal, Quebec and her sculpture has recently been included in the Canadian State Collection, Ottawa, Ontario.

”Known for her bold large-scale sculpture and installation work, Reshetnikova carves, smashes and transforms raw materials into thoughtful contemplations of our relationship with nature and life. Subtle manipulation of stone, metal and bronze creates elegant sculptures, evocative of personal and shared experience. Marina's work is related to the inter-connectivity of the natural universe, its patterns and cycles, and its impact on the human condition. This process enables the artist to create powerful work which reflects the subtle harmony of the universe and our place in it”- Bruce Boudreau, Art Project.